#haagendazssucks – Twitter Hooliganism, or fledgeling voice?

It all started with this blog. It was probably a promotional gimmick, obviously the store would not remain shut for indians forever… but whatever the case, some indian was not allowed in.

he posted on the Times of India Blog, tweeted some friends…

So, I don’t get twitter. I am going to go right up front and say it. Maybe i use it wrong, maybe i’ve not invested my time into it, maybe i’m only getting the hang of it now that i have tweetdeck… in any case, something happened yesterday which made me think. It was the first time i saw a topic start to “trend”, righ there, right in front of my eyes.

It was simply amazing. All that “theory” we talk about in percolation sciences or network theory… it panned out in front of me!

Oh yes.. there were your influencers – @dhempe for example check out his Klout score here. He and some other tweeters decided to create a trending topic #haagendazssucks. … and a lot of people responded… and not only that list check out #haagen and #haagendazs too…

Then within a few hours something funny happened… suddenly a bunch of spanish and portuguese people were talking about it! someone big picked picked it up –  suddenly it was trending and.. hey! suddenly there’s this bunch of spanish and portuguese tweets, amazing how news travels.

@subhadeep pushes this story to all major journos in india…let’s see if the story gains traction (the promotion no longer exists i think, so prolly not…)

a few thoughts –

1. Would this be a marketing success or failure? No matter what my strategy – the sort of negative backlash i got, and which trickled out ofindia to my other markets…. not good.

2. There’s this new thought – that this is twitter hooliganism. Firstly…what IS twitter hooliganism? and whatever it may be, was this an example of it? Or is this a legitimate form of protest?

One things clear – there’s more to this “twitter” thing than i initially thought.


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2 Responses to #haagendazssucks – Twitter Hooliganism, or fledgeling voice?

  1. dhempe says:

    nice blog post 🙂 I don’t think #haagendazssucks was twitter hooliganism like #chetanblocks (which was fun too! :)) I think twitter is a great word-of-mouth medium tool and people will surely think twice now before stepping into haagen dazs icecream shop in India (and probably abroad too)

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