finally… a flash mob near me

My friend Anup Kutty (follow him @anupkutty) , used to be the editor of Maxim India. Fed up of continuously having to check out gorgeous women, he decided to set up a new magazine – and the name seems oddly apt for this blog.

So .. join me in welcoming MOB MAGAZINE to the indian media scene.

MobMag is urban, its current, and it is trying to really tap into the collective power of media.

For example – check out this cool way of promoting a musical namely “Hair”

(although “hair” and “mcdonalds” in the same sentece sounds like a class action suit waiting to happen!)

Ahhh… FInally!!! A flash mob in delhi!! YAY!! we are entering “dijtul eerah!”

any of you guys seen other “collective actions” like this? do share links!


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One Response to finally… a flash mob near me

  1. anup says:

    mob flashes! thanks tripathi!

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