Twitter and local news – Gulmohar mills fire

There was a fire at Gulmohar Mills, Dadar yesterday. Well… fires happen, and its a tragedy. But what was interesting to me was where the “news” got their news! once again, twitter surprised me.

“official sources” state that the fire started at around 12-12.30. and at 1:15 @roohikhatri reported it. Although i wasn’t watching tv then… i think that this was the first statement of the fire on twitter, and may hazard that Roohi was the first “reporter” of the story.

Wait! WAIT! it gets more interesting – Google Gulmohar mills go on… google it. Whats the first thing we see? THIS . who has posted it? @swati_chopra . Who is she? Well she’s an anchor for CNN-IBN, who works primarily in the entertainment field. But when it comes to the first “image” of the fire, she gets the credit. And where has she posted? On twitter. at 2pm. gave the first “official” net report at 13:45 – just a tiny blurb. But you can’t beat swati. SHe wins!

Ofcourse then…  later all other media comes in.

Which makes me think. Just like #haagendazssucks (remember that?) twitter is very exciting for reporting immediate local news, and depending on the grapevine to forward, RT, whatever….


I hope to bring you further insight on this after speaking to swati and roohi.


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One Response to Twitter and local news – Gulmohar mills fire

  1. Swati says:

    Well, what do yo know Twitter is faster than news channels 🙂 Twitter sure is getting the news across to people faster and at times it even getting the news across to news channels. 🙂 I guess it’s probably more accessible to most people at all times so it’s easier.

    And must say your blog’s good..This post itself goes to show about the imp of twitter..the fact that one pic put up by me..actually shows right on top of google search.. I din know that…(You brought that to my notice:)

    Tc and keep blogging 🙂

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