Give him JUSTICE!

For he is Stupidus Maximus. Drinker of beer. Provider of jokes, loyal servant to the true social network, twitter. creator of a plagiarised joke, victim of @mtvindia ‘s callous stealing. And he will have his vengeance, in this life or the next.

Well. He got his vengeance in like.. 6 hrs.

What is this about you may wonder. Well i’ll tell ya

@stupidusmaximus told a joke. A sania mirza joke. Pretty funny. Within a few hours, MTV India had copied the joke onto its twitter (without giving props to the originator)

Thus began one of the funnest fights for justice i’ve been part off, as #justiceforstupidusmaximus took off. it was cute, it was funny, and it brought out some of the extreme creativity that tweeters are known for.]

And finally @mtvindia caved. they admitted it. Justice was received!!!! SOme may say it was just a semi admission.. but hey, at least they responded!

Well… it wasn’t as important as gandhiji fighting for independence. but it was nice to see that the collective voice of netizens achieving SOMETHING!


About Tarun

Joker, smoker, midnight toker. Teacher, writer, general gadabout
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One Response to Give him JUSTICE!

  1. This comment was made at gunpoint. It has not been lifted from any Twitter user as well.

    Ok no, seriously, I really appreciate the support I got from you and the rest of the Twitterverse. I would also like to thank Mother Teresa.

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