Why the twitter hoopla?

If you’re like me you will salivate on seeing the depth of twitter usage data in this report (bless you @sysomos – when can you get us something india specific?). I went throught it and thought – “hey. Forget internet penetration and all that, we KNOW we’re screwed there. but even in the twitterverse, itself India is a very small player. Less than 1% of users, less than 1% of tweets….” How many people from India ARE there on twitter anyway? Vizisense says it has 1.45 mn unique users a month. that’s less than 0.1% of india’s population!

And out of these 1,45 mn users only 4% are regulars/addicts. that’s what…. less than 60,000 regular users? Compare that say to a facebook or an orkut stat, and we see that the number of regular users in these networks is of a factor of 20 TIMES greater!

But you turn to Mainstream media, and well… twitter is much louder than that right? Every single news channel has a twitter feed….and if you look at the papers, especially the supplements like the Bombay/delhi times you will see the word twitter or tweet at least 4 times on the front page.

So then… why all the twitter hoopla? How come everyone’s a flutter about twitter. why this storm in a teacup?

PS – if you’ve got more than 100 followers on twitter, you’re in the top 6% of users, more than 500 followers? well then 99.75% of twitter is worse off than you.

Interesting eh? would LOVE to get your feedback on this.


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