#hottestgirl and #funniestboy press conference

Following the resounding performance at the polls yesterday (contentious results and rumours of booth fixing notwithstanding), collectivity got together with the winners of the #hottestgirl and #funniestboy elections. We asked them these questions.

#hottestgirls – @mycrotchetyluv and @sonikabhasin


1. So how does it FEEL to be this hot?

Well to be honest it feels absolutely gratifying because frankly, i was ignored in the original list of nominations, until @MumbaiCentral insisted I be nominated. I mean the true worth of your hotness gets so diluted on twitter, y’know. I’m glad that its democratically decided. Lol. But seriously, I just woke up and saw my name being bandied about and figured hey, this seems like a good day to play

2. To what do you attribute your success in these polls?

Oh i dunno. I’m a total floozie. So that could be it. I hear people were DMing people to vote for their friends. Teehee. Campaigning is such a waste of time.

3. How many new followers did you get through your hotness?

Oh about 25 or so, mostly guys. A couple of fellow hotness nominees.

4. Who’s your date for your prize winning dinner?

Well much as i’d like to drag along a pretty boy to feast on for dessert, imma stick to @MumbaiCentral, seeing as how she’s really responsible for it all. And she asked for it. And she is scary.


1. So how does it FEEL to be this hot?

I always knew I am HOT, so what’s new about it?

2. To what do you attribute your success in these polls?

Most people who voted haven’t met me, so I guess even my tweets must be really hot

3. How many new followers did you get through your hotness?

Well, quite a few, but most of them were the kinds I’d rather stay away from. Really

4. Who’s your date for your prize winning dinner?

The only Nazi on my timeline! @thecoffeenazi

and to the #funniestboy – @dharmeshg

1. Say something funny.

I am not funny.

2. That wasn’t funny. try again.

Everyone mistook me for @mojorojo

3.  Are you sure you won the contest?

No. I still can’t believe it. Is this Florida all over again?

4. How many new followers did your funniness get you?

Around 50

5. and most importantly, who will you share your prize of a crate of beer with?

You (@probablytrippy). I will give you one out of the 24 pints.

There were some interesting takeaways in this. One of course was, as @gabbbarsingh pointed out, that there are many new people on twitter, and for a newbie, twitter is a daunting place. SOmething like a #hottestgirl #funniestboy poll gives them something they can engage and interact with.

The second is the number of followers the contestants got. Given that #followfriday is often not that interesting, and the goal of people is to get as many followers as possible, a “poll” seems to be an interesting way to “mix it up” a little. both horizontally and vertically on the follower grid.

Many folk got many followers – not just the winners! @nelsonnium got 15 to 20 @darshanp82 got around 10….

Again twitter throws up surprises in how it engages people and what the “effects” of this engagement are.

It also shows how much an interesting engagement can do for “blog stats!” the blog the poll was on was essentially defunct, with between 0-4 views per day…. well not during the time of polls it wasnt!


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6 Responses to #hottestgirl and #funniestboy press conference

  1. nelsonnium says:

    Obviously the biggest winner was @probablytrippy and I’m sure he’s happy too. Lol. Thanks a lot buddy!

  2. Darshan says:

    I disagree with DharmeshG. Anyone who has seen him in person will vouch that he seems funny.

    I also think there should be a Dare to Date type event where the funniest boy goes out with Hottest Girl.

    I would pay good money to see that.

    All in all this was a fantastic idea and a lotta fun. Next time do it on a Monday so everyone stops cribbing about them blues.

  3. Neha says:

    Insight, as I see it – if you want to increase the blog hits, this is the way! 🙂 Keep ’em coming! 🙂

  4. DEvilOnBunk says:

    The poll changed my life – I realized I am not that funny. Perfect bubble has popped *slashes wrist*

  5. Nabeel N says:

    It was great fun indeed. Agree its better than #FF. Lets have some more innovative polls in future :). BUt you wer the champion from the graph. frm 5 views 2000+. Winner is neither @sonikabhasin @mycrotchetyluv its u buddy 😛

  6. Bitchwanti says:

    Notice the difference between my handle and gmail id.teehee. So im super happy i was a part of this poll!thanks trippy.i gained 35 followers, mostly cheapskates. But was a kick ass experience. Come up with many more. you are the king of poles. Whoops polls:p

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