Help him find her!

 He was flying back from KUALA LUMPUR on 19th/20th June. His Flight was KL-MUMBAI Air Asia D7-2516.

He was sitting in seat no 9-D

SHE was sitting nearby. In a white top, black jeans. With a Chanel bag (why does he know which bag she had? who knows?)

Their eyes met a bit. But there was a parent issue somewhere (his or hers, dunno, details are sketchy), and no conversation.

he thinks she may be the ONE. potentially. He’s not sure. but he sure would like to find out.


How. Post the link to this article ( ) on  your facebook, twitter, orkut, blog, whatever.

The details above are the only details we have! So shout out as much as you can with the details!

Post the link to the story to newscasters/ magazines etc! do whatever you can to help!



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One Response to Help him find her!

  1. Harsh says:

    Craigslist has a service precisely meant for this called “missed connections” under personals

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