Who’s your favorite teacher?

In school, it was Mr. Sharp – he made physics so much fun. Also Mr. Robertson, i got into a huge fight with him about “A Doll’s House”, and he didnt tell me to shut up. He went back, did some reading, and the next day he conceded the argument.

I dont think i had a favorite teacher in college.

In MBA, it was Professor Yogendra Aggarwal, Yogi. His animated ppts made quantitative analysis nearly into a comic book.

There’s something about teachers, isnt there. The really really good ones especially. They can change your LIFE. They stick with you forever.

Who are some of your favorite teachers? and why? what did they do that was different from the rest? Are you still in touch with any of them? Id love to interview them if possible.

Thanks for helping out guys.


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8 Responses to Who’s your favorite teacher?

  1. a traveller says:

    One of my college professors – AG Ma’am. Strongest woman I’ve ever met. Her passion for the subject was amazing. And unlike many of our other professors, she was open to all schools of psychology, not just the one she followed – something that was very important given our course.

    • Tarun says:

      where was this? Are you still in touch with her? Was it just “what” she taught, or also “how” she taught it?

      • a traveller says:

        College was JMC, Delhi. It was both I think – she did have a very fascinating subject to cover, but it was her passion about psychology that made all of it as interesting as it was.

        In touch, yes, off and on. Now reduced to wishing her on her birthday, and the very rare visit back to college.

  2. Nishant says:

    Aunt in the neighbourhood who helped me conquer stage fear. “It’s ok to be nervous. When you tremble, just hold your legs firm and stare into blankness as you speak. Speak something. Remember if you have the podium, you are in control. Regain composure, and then make eye contact with some one person in the audience. Everyone will listen.”

  3. Shantanu says:

    The teacher with the most influence on my life has undoubtedly been Mr. Amber Banerjee, who taught English at my school. He was smart, articulate, inspirational. I probably leaned towards teaching/education as a profession because of his influence in my formative years. He also helped me overcome a debilitating stammering problem, and gain confidence for public speaking. That was one of the most memorable incidents of my life.

    Thanks to social networking, I am back in touch with him. He is now the Principal of DAV School, Agra.

  4. Anonymous says:

    His name was jeff parks he taught several classes in small school (no not a one rm school in the middle of prairie) he was the first teacher that treated us like we could have our own opinions & not that his was the only correct one

  5. Shankaraman Sir. Taught me Math in high school. I was terrified of numbers. He taught me that it was alright to make a mistake and that the lesson was more important.

    Atul Sir – Taught me Physics in middle school. He only had one piece of advice for me. “If I have given you the problem, I will also provide you with a solution for it.”

  6. Atrisa says:

    I remember you mentioning about making History fun by weaving stories and that’s exactly what my first favorite teacher used to do/still does(?) She was only short of costumes otherwise I swear to god just the sound of her voice made you feel as if you were attending the first Oktoberfest yourself. Funny and witty, she always knew how to wake up an occasional sleepyhead in class, not by reprimanding but telling anecdotes that you knew would never be in a 10th grade NCERT history book. How else would I have woken up at 5:30am every morning to study Social Studies?

    Not in touch with her, can’t find her on fb either 😦 But if she’s still teaching at DPS Noida, then you’d be lucky to catch her.

    The same year I had my second favorite teacher. As a girl who all her life had the biggest math phobia, this tuition teacher is responsible for the single largest miracle of my life. He was supremely strict, never tolerated kids coming late for class or bunking (if they did he would shout like a madman) and never gave ‘homework’. His style of teaching was rather unusual – the first half hour of the class he would give us sums as revision of the last class, the next half hour he would teach us new concepts and the final half hour practice sums from the new concepts.

    One very distinct memory I have is this time he gave us a surprise quiz. My friend scored 18/25 and he gave her an A, I got 19/25 and he gave me a C. My ego was hurt and I wondered if he naturally disliked me or had a personal vendetta that I could not see through. So I decided to confront him.

    He smiled (a rare occurrence) and said “I expected more from you, that’s why I gave you a C. That one (my friend) did as well as she could’ve” That little word of encouragement went such a long way, forget the fabulous marks I scored in my boards, I regret not having loved Math all the years before that. Discipline and persistence are two highly underrated virtues and I’m glad to have been taught those by him.

    That cold, stoic man passed away a few years ago but not before he made a slew of fans.

    The third teacher is Mathew at MICA. Don’t ask me how he mesmerizes you, talk to him and you’ll know.

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