What is #collectivity and how you can help.

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A lot of you have been wondering about #collectivity. So, i thought i’d write about it a bit –  here goes.
If you are, or have been a college student you know the frustration you feel. The frustration of “not getting what you want” – very often you cant even verbalise “whats missing”, you just know its not THERE
As a teacher in MBA’s and undergrads for… wow, nearly 10 years now, i promise you this frustration is universal. and its not only for the students, its for everyone!
  • Teachers are also frustrated partly because of “these bloody kids, they dont listen”. Partly, and this is especially true for the good ones, they get no support, they get NOTHING to try and improve the situation
  • Institutions are frustrated, because they have to “keep up their name”, offer good placements,
  • Potential employers are frustrated too – they get students and they think “what the F&*@ are they teaching you ??”
Something”s got to change, right? Well, I’ve decided that i’m going to spend my life changing this. How? by fundamentally changing WHAT we teach, and HOW we teach it. To that purpose, Ive set up an initiative called “Collectivity”
Its going to be step by step. Step 1 – focus on what i know best – MBA and BMM schools. Change how we teach the students. Bring in more live projects, Course blogs, Skype with guests from all over the world, reward and assist the best teachers to help them shine, work with administrators to improve the syllabus. Oh yes, we’re going to do it. It has already begun.
Its going to be a long process, but im going to do it RIGHT. no Arindam Chaudhri-ness. The good news is that already, nearly 10 prestigious MBA schools, including IIML, IIMC and MICA, as well as nearly the same number of Undergradschools including Xavier’s and National College, have signed up with us to try and bring in changes to their teaching patterns, bring in workshops, do live projects etc. Some MBA schools are even doing new subjects!
The idea is simple – to reward performance rather than punish non performance, to embrace change rather than resist it, to be collaborative rather than confrontational.
Its going to take time, but the first steps have been take – this is where the change begins.
Here’s how YOU can help, depending on where you are, and how much time you can give
  • 1. Be an ambassador – help me identify good institutes, good teachers, other interesting youngsters who want to be a part of this change – any resources you think may be useful. Perhaps even meet some of them yourself.
  • 2. Be a mentor – to students AND TO TEACHERS! We’re going to start pushing teachers to work more and more with technology, audio visual stuff – some of them are not comfy doing this… we must HELP them, without confrontation or derision. At the same time as a mentor, you will be assigned a certain number of students of a certain subject who you can “take under your wing” as it were – you will be someone these kids will respect for the rest of their lives.
  • 3. Start TEACHING – are you interested? do you think you can? WHat do you think you can teach? Think about it, really THINK about it. We’ll figure it out maybe its a guest lecture. Maybe its part of a workshop. Maybe you help in designing something – i dont know yet. But tell me if you want to teach
  • 4. Are you working? Convince your company to WORK WITH STUDENTS. Not only as summer interns, but WHILE THEY ARE IN CLASS. Trust me, your company will LOVE what i will offer them. convince them to listen to us.
Here are  two very important links i insist you read to get a little clearer as to what the “philosophy” of what i’m trying to do is
1. Mark Prensky’s Digital Natives – this is a succint explanation of the students of today
2. Collectivity –  An Overview – an overview of what collectivity does.
i really hope to hear from you, and tak to you further on this.

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2 Responses to What is #collectivity and how you can help.

  1. Lyle says:

    I think this initiative takes a lot of effort but is very commendable as the media courses do not offer much to the students in terms of hands-on knowledge. Would have loved to have started a blog as a project in college itself, though I feel blogging is a compulsive and instantaneous act where the pages of one’s diary would not be suitable as there is no audience and everyone’s not got Anne Frank fortune awaiting them. But yes, defining the purpose of a blog is of utmost imp…professional-most definitely and a lil’ of personal self frm time to time-maybe. Until I start blogging…

  2. Tarun says:

    thanks lyle – also, class blogs are very useful for teachers as a way of sharing information amongst students

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