SOPA – The Kubler-Rossian Reaction of Media Industries to the Internet

I read a line somewhere, as an anti SOPA statement- “You cant destroy the Internet simply because it doesnt fit your business model”

It got me thinking, as usual, about economic systems and how companies fundamentally react to any change in the environment

Funnily enough, they seemed to fit the Kubler-Ross Model – a very common model used to explain how patients handle news that they (or their loved ones) are going to die

Kubler-Ross says that there are Five Stages , popularly truncated to DABDA (or as we frustrated students used to to say – dabaadey!), in processing news that “You are going to die”

1. Denial – “Oh this is not going to happen to me!”

2. Anger – “I hate you for letting this happen to me!”

3. Bargaining – “Oh, i will give up my life savings etc, just for a few more years”

4. Depression – ” Oh whats the point of anything”

5. Acceptance – “I cant fight it, i might as well accept it”

The Kubler Ross stages are very clear when you look at how the music industry has reacted to mp3s and filesharing.

1. Denial – Oh this mp3 technology is not going to affect us, lets keep doing what we are doing

2. Anger – SUE EVERYBODY! sue a 71 year old grandfather! sue a 12 year old girl! Killem all!!

3. Bargaining – this is where i think we’re at – eg the attempts at creating a 3 strikes law. The attempt at not suing individuals but “enablers”. Even The fact that the entire music industry has been willing to cede control of their music to itunes, allowing itunes to set pricing etc (very similar to “i will give up my life savings to get a few more years”) points to the fact that the music industry is in a “bargaining” mode

4. Depression – The old music industry is dying, there will be an inevitable phase of companies putting up their hands and saying they just cant do it anymore

5. Acceptance – when something like this is both accepted, legal and profitable for all parties, will be the time that music industries have accepted what is in front of their eyes – that their previous avatar is “dead”

Which brings me to SOPA – i think SOPA is primarily an attempt by the “film and tv” industry to halt online sharing. This is simply becuase THIS industry has now reached the Anger phase of the Kubler-Ross model.

What happens next? who knows? your thoughts?


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