Help me make my parents’ anniversary special

** BREAKING NEWS! TWO people did it for me last night! @sahilk  and ayushi sachdeva! CHeck them out, and vote on which one you like more? ***

Sahil’s Take

Ayushi’s take

Thanks for your help guys!!

My parents have been married 37 years, and i have NEVER given them agift – yes,im like that, a bad son.

Anyway, i had a great idea for a gift.

  • Why dont i get the frontpage of TOI of the date they got married?
  • Then, to make it even more special, why dont i then replace one of the articles into a news story celebrating my parents’ marriage?

Good idea, no? Yeah i know, im vair creative.

@abhishekaggy helped me get a copy of the paper – they made me an A3 copy of a microfiche, which i scanned… and its pretty bad, but its there.

I got my dads secretary to sneak their wedding album out and scan a pic (its a hilarious story, remind me to tell you about it).

I wrote a small cheezy newsstory

… but, my 2 designer friends, one is out of town and one is sick. I didnt know that because i only contact my graphic designer friends when i have work (yes, thats me, a bad son AND a bad friend)

SO i need someone to design it…. and hence i turn to you oh twitter. and hoping some of you guys will help me.

Will you help PLEASE help me? PLEASE?

The payment – all the booze you can drink/food you can eat (one night only). If you’re from a different city, i will buy you stuff from Flipkart, your choice (be reasonable! :p)

Some project briefs –

  • My parents’ wedding anniversary is on Friday the 27th of January – Friday.
  • I need to design AND PRINT the newspaper by then.
  • Ideally the final output should be A3
  • Its ok if the article is incomplete/illegible – as long as it looks like it belongs to the paper! . We can write a “Contd on page 2” to truncate the copy, and make a separate larger printout of just the article so they can read it.

Here’s the stuff i have

PLEASE help me. PLEASE?!?!?!


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3 Responses to Help me make my parents’ anniversary special

  1. aayushis says:

    u got it done or can i do it still 🙂

    P.S. I lowve the idea 😀

  2. AC says:

    Great gift idea….convey my best wishes to your parents..

    One thing that seemed incongruous was the word “upcoming” in the title above a wedding couple photo

  3. Anonymous says:

    Make a newspaper called the love times and the headline happy anniversary to mom and dad

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