Education in India – White paper

As you know, my company, Collectivity, is working to try and improve “What and how we teach our students”

As a further step in this journey, we are currently preparing an exhaustive “white paper” which we will be presenting to The Ministry of HRD, as well as to top college and university administrators and Teachers

We are all impacted by our current education system, and therefore our opinions matter. Id really appreciate it if you could give me yours. There are 3 different surveys depending on your current “station in life”

1. For Corporates/working professionals

2 For Teachers/administrators/people working with educational institutes

3 For Students

Depending on who you are, i would request you to kindly take 5-10 minutes of your time, to click on the appropriate linke above and fill up the survey?

Also, id be extremely happy to have any further inputs from you – if youd like to volunteer to help, even better! DO transmit this link accross your social networks, workplace/educational institute – the more responses we get, the better!

Thanks so much. I promise, together, we can be the change we want to see in the world.


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Joker, smoker, midnight toker. Teacher, writer, general gadabout
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3 Responses to Education in India – White paper

  1. Done. I appreciate your effort.

  2. giti chandra says:

    hi Tarun,

    Wonderful to see someone concerned about the state of education in this country. I was wondering if you have been following the semester system controversy in DU and are interested in factoring that into your other educational issues. Do let me know – you can inbox me through lal sitara – if you would like to follow up on it.

    Giti Chandra

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