The Collectivity Writers’ Apprenticeship Program – 2nd Batch

After a great first batch, Collectivity is pleased to announce that the 2nd Batch of the Collectivity Writers’ Apprenticeship Program will be starting in Mumbai from May 2012.

This program is meant for young writers who are looking to develop their skills in order to output ideas which can be used in the media industry.

With real world clients, including film and tv channels, mentoring from established writers, specific goal oriented deadlines, a monthly stipend paid to all writers and due care in ownership of IP, this program is geared to identify and nurture fresh writing talent for the media industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does this work really?

Initially all shortlisted writers have weekly meetings (usually on saturdays) with collectivity and the clients, to get an idea of the client requirements. Following this, they are guided through a pitch process and workable ideas are identified. These ideas are then developed further with individual attention to each writer, and the guidance of industry professionals and the COllectivity Team, until they are in a position to be registered and then pitched.

ALL IP RESTS WITH THE WRITERS – we’re not evil πŸ™‚

2. Pitched?

Yes, pitched. Once your idea are registered, Collectivity also takes the responsibility of representing your work to media clients. In other words, you get your very own agent.

3. Sounds cool… AND i get paid?

Yes you do. No matter what happens, collectivity will pay each writer rs 15,000 per month (thats nearly 50k across the project!).

4. SO is it only for movies and TV?

On the whole, yes, we’re focussing on films an television. However, there will also be “Live work” – most usually in the area of comic books (yay!), giving you a further opportunity to earn even MORE!

5. W00t! where do i sign up?!

Well… the signup process goes like this – email your cv, a covering letter, and an example of your best work to us on FOllowing a short list, we will invite you for interviews in May

6. Cool… sounds Easy.

Its NOT easy. if you’re chosen, you will be expected to perform, meet deadlines, and push yourself. No silly excuses, no lazy halfassery. At the end of 4 weeks we will have a review of progress, and may choose to discontinue our contract with you. That means you get fired from a writing job – not nice for your ego.

7. But… i have a job!

That’s cool – we do the workshop on saturdays, so it shouldnt matter – as long as you are there on time! Once your ideas get firmer, we will spend personalised time with you, at a mutually convenient time. However, be aware that we will expect at least 6-8 hrs of work from you WEEKLY. if you cant give it that time, then dont apply

8. I need more details!!

Well, comment below and we’ll try to answer!

Looking forward to working with you!

NB – if you want to be considered, the deadline for all applications is by 15th April, 2012

UPDATE – As i was chilling in Japan, deadline has been extended to 22nd April!


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35 Responses to The Collectivity Writers’ Apprenticeship Program – 2nd Batch

  1. Vishwanath Nair says:

    deadline for the sign-up process?

  2. TheBlindPixel says:

    This is an awesome initiative and I would love to try out. Before I do, I just want to ask whether any ‘quitting of jobs’ is required once someone is selected for the program.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  3. Ar'e says:

    Do you offer anything for writing enthusiasts not based in India?

  4. What kind of work would you like to see?

  5. anikprm says:

    where will it take place? Mumbai?

  6. Neha Nagwekar says:

    Is it necessary that the person applying should be from a writing, literature or film (similar Industry) background?

  7. Emmanuel says:

    I live in hyd. Where’s this program gonna be held?

  8. Purandar says:

    Hello ,
    do let me know in which city this is happening? Sorry for the ignorance if I have missed the obvious..

  9. farudaru says:

    I just stumbled upon this today, can i still apply? Pwetty pleeez?

  10. Siddhesh J Dalvi says:

    How do you be part of it and where in mumbai it will be held

  11. Siddhesh J Dalvi says:

    where in Mumbai?

  12. So by when will the interview shortlist be announced?

  13. mohimenakash says:

    Is this program being organised by some production house?

  14. Dilli bhi karwado ek 😦

  15. MBAclubindia says:

    Hi Tarun
    Your blog is appreciably filled with innovation and insights
    Is there a way we can connect with you?

  16. sujith says:

    hi i just stumbled upon this.. i know its too late now, when do u plan on commencing your next batch? also i was wondering whether your clients will formally buy the writing from the writers if they are interested or is it just the 15,000 Rs per month.

    • Tarun says:

      hey! THe next batch will start in around 4 months. THe deal is if the client buys it, then the writer gts paid more. The 15k is paid even if noone buys anything πŸ™‚

  17. fandomless says:

    I have a feeling you’ll never extend this to Bangalore, or I’M WRONG!
    Ageing to be wrong!

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