When did your education go wrong?

Its a simple question, but it cuts deep.

If you could be so kind as to fill up this tiny little questionnaire, it’ll help me make all sorts of graphs etc.

Please do leave comments below if you want to share your thoughts with everyone.

thanks so much


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2 Responses to When did your education go wrong?

  1. SuperTramP says:

    Education, true education never goes wrong. Since it never had anything to do with those classrooms or textbooks. It rights itself once you realize this – that it is not something that you are given or force fed but something you squeeze out for the pure joy of it!

  2. arunabh says:

    doing a course merely doesn’t mean education ; education to me is building block of your moral values ; so if you have really sounded moral values, proper vision believe none of your (course) as people cal it education won’t be a waste you can always something good out of it

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