Your favorite physics Funda

I love Physics – sometimes i dont understand it, but often i do. And when i do, i see it everywhere – i see it in streetlights, and coffee machines, and pool tables and juhu beach and sunsets …everywhere.

At some point… some physics “Funda” really clicked for me. Like… How linear waves turn into concentric waves when they pass through a barrier – My teacher showed us a harbor, and things made sense.

Or using a rubber sheet, and placing a heavy ball bearing in the middle, and rolling balls towards it, demonstrating a gravity well.

Or the visual of a man tossing a ball in the air inside a train to explain relative motion (to the man the ball seems to have moved up and down in a straight line, to an observer outside the train the ball moves in a parabola)

Sometimes – some “funda” of physics just clicks because of some experiment you do, some image youre shown sometimes even an innocuous sentence a teacher has said.

SO my question to you is this

“Can you actually remember one Instance where some “funda” of physics became clear to you? And what happened precisely to bring about that Eureka moment? was it something the teacher said? an experiment you did? what?” DO try to be as detailed as possible?

I’d really really love to know!

Please do comment below!


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3 Responses to Your favorite physics Funda

  1. Rahul Puri says:

    For me, it was the depiction of Einstein’s theory of relativity using a black sheet and a few snooker balls. The idea to us all was that space was like an infinite black sheet but the understanding of space-time and the possibility of warping it became clear when the snooker balls were introduced leaving ‘dents’ in the sheet and in Space-time. There similarly, a heavy object with huge mass (like a dying gas giant) can warp the fabric of space itself, allowing the possibility of all kinds of new phenomena.

  2. take a pen cap, use it as whistle by blowing over it, u have done it as a kid right, that’s waves and sound waves.
    now put small paper bits in the cap. blow it as whistle. well that is Bernoulli’s principle, I wont tell how šŸ˜› figure it out.

  3. Oh so many such instances throughout school/college/life.

    I’m hoping you have seen this before:

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