Misleading campaigns – Gillette India’s Shave or Crave

Data is like a beautiful woman in a sari – what is concealed is far more important than what is revealed.

Gillette’s “shave or crave” campaign is just like that sariclad woman. what it reveals is quite eye opening  – 87% of women like their men cleanshaven in the evening. ANd this is AC Nielsen data!

From this data, Gillette goes on to imply “If you want to get luck tonight, you better shave”.

Well men  –  lets go out there and by more Gillette razors and shave of them beards, right?


Because, like a woman in a sari, what Gillette is CONCEALING is far more important!

The unstated caveat of gilletter data is that Gillette is ONLY TALKING ABOUT WOMEN WHO PREFER CLEANSHAVEN MEN!!

And THAT my fellow males, is quite a small proportion.

A spot quiz i did recently  shows it clearly.


As a matter of fact less than 1 in 5 women like their men clean shaved. The overwhelming majority wants you NOT TO SHAVE.

So, adding my data to gillette’s the ACTUAL learning is this

87% of the 20% of women who like cleanshaved men, or approximately 17 out of 100 want you to shave in the evening!

its funny no, how 17% can be made to sound like 87%, no

I dont blame gillette per se – they need to sell blades, and data show that men are shaving less. Plus, we are generally data challenged and headline hungry – so “87% Women want you to shave!!” sounds so much better than reality.

One way of looking at it is outrage etc. Another was to look at it is “Oh, its good marketing to ignorant sheep”

Could Gillette have had a different marketing strategy? Maybe not use the “sex” bait, rather use the “success” bait – you know, something like

“What do JRD Tata, Mukesh Ambani, and Bill gates have in common?” “Lots of money and no beards 🙂 ”

Whatever the case may be, i really do feel that Gillette, at best, is engaging in misleading advertising, by cherrypicking data and misrepresenting it.

your thoughts?


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One Response to Misleading campaigns – Gillette India’s Shave or Crave

  1. Aneesha K (Ms) says:

    may be the sample set u considered was wrong…:P
    birds of same feather flock together…ur sample set was same too..:P

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