Ok. i’m lying.

My sister wrote a Book. She’s this horrifyingly overachieving woman who is an inspiration to all, and a pain in my ass. She’s one of the youngest Women MDs of an MNC in the world. AND, in the 2 month between her switching jobs, she managed to write a book that got picked up by Penguin!

Its called Alice in Corporateland and its kinda chick-lit with a twist. It takes the route of fairy tales to give guidance to young people on how to build a strong career.

It’s actually pretty good. I hate to admit it because, y’know, Sis.

So she’s launching it in Mumbai on the 3rd (this saturday) at the Crossword at Kemp’s Corner. Anupama Chopra is in conversation with her.

The invite details are below… msg me on @probablytrippy (Twitter) if you can come? Free autographed copies for all attendees!

Also, because, i can shamelessly ask you, because its for Sis and not for me… can i count on your help in trying to get the word out about it (IF you like it and IF you don’t mind). Obviously, its her debut so she’s very excited and like i’m her brother so i’m excited for her etc..

Do RSVP to me on twitter if you’re coming to the event – also, once the book is launched i’d love to give you a copy and ask you to say nice things to it to your gazillion contacts you social butterfly you.

Alice in corporateland invite (2)


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    Alice’s adventure through corporate land – I am already intrigued.

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