I realised some time ago that i’m going to be spending a fair bit of my “professional” life immersed in the impact of collective wisdom. And, well, it seems natural to “practice first, preach later”, innit?

So, i am NOT a social media expert.

I am fascinated by collective intelligence and the impact of technology on institutions. I am however… not a blogger. SO here’s a non blogger blogging… be gentle!


3 Responses to About

  1. vicckey says:

    i like the idea of this nonblogger blogging looking forward to reading some more from u

  2. Vidya Balachander says:

    Hi, I am a journalist and feature writer with a passion for teaching. Strongly believe that a dynamic education can change your life – and I’d love to use my experience to that end. Is there an email address I can write to you at?

  3. Sufal S Roongta says:

    Hey Tarun. I am a student at IIM-A and would like to write to you at an email address over a career choice in media channel. Will it be possible to share your email id to p12sufalsr@iimahd.ernet.in?

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