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The New Wealth – Reputation, the gift economy and the #AD2012giveaway

Economic Theory talks about a society being comprised of the “Base” and the “Superstructure” – The “base” comprises of what are the true “forces of production”, whereas the superstructure is everything else – a society’s culture, its instititutions, its political … Continue reading

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Help him find her!

 He was flying back from KUALA LUMPUR on 19th/20th June. His Flight was KL-MUMBAI Air Asia D7-2516. He was sitting in seat no 9-D SHE was sitting nearby. In a white top, black jeans. With a Chanel bag (why does … Continue reading

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Twitter and local news – Gulmohar mills fire

There was a fire at Gulmohar Mills, Dadar yesterday. Well… fires happen, and its a tragedy. But what was interesting to me was where the “news” got their news! once again, twitter surprised me. “official sources” state that the fire … Continue reading

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Silent Season #whentwitterwasdown

I didn’t even really use twitter till recently. And then, today… it disappeared. ANd now, i really have no idea what to do about it. I don’t think any of the estimated 50Million twitterers have any idea what to do … Continue reading

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#haagendazssucks – Twitter Hooliganism, or fledgeling voice?

It all started with this blog. It was probably a promotional gimmick, obviously the store would not remain shut for indians forever… but whatever the case, some indian was not allowed in. he posted on the Times of India Blog, … Continue reading

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